Less of a Defect is intended to be a blog about my thoughts concerning a whole lot of things.  Here I hope to share and discuss topics ranging from Theology to Philosophy; from Social Issues to Family Life; from the Bible to Music to Books; basically, a bunch of things that interest me.  I hope to frame my discussions from a Christian perspective.  It is my blog, after all.

My one goal with this blog is to not simply write empty words and vain rhetoric and therefore be of no more value than public defecation – or, as Reformation Pastor and Theologian John Calvin said it, to be “no less of a defect than looseness of the bowels.”

Perhaps I should tell you, the reader, a bit about myself.  My name is Ray Nearhood.  I am fish-picnot a theologian.  I am not a philosopher.  I have no advanced degrees.  I am not an authority on much outside of the authority I have in my home and at my work as a senior non-commissioned officer in the United States Army.  I am, however, a Christian.  More specifically, I am a Presbyterian – a member of Knox Orthodox Presbyterian Church (ordained as a Deacon in the Bible Presbyterian Church).  I am fairly well read in Christian Theology, especially Protestant Reformed Theology and Church history.  I am the husband of one beautiful wife and the father of three wonderful boys and one adorable girl.

The single thing that I hope people know about me is that I am a sinner saved by Grace though faith in Jesus Christ.  I am a sojourner in this world, struggling against the sins that remain with me, with my sight set on the prize of eternity with my Savior.  While I am sojourning I hope to glorify God in all I do and enjoy Him forever.


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